About Me

Hi there! First of all, thank you so much for visiting my site. I’m Anna Wilson, founder of, and contributing writer for, “ZaineysYogurt.com”. I’m so happy to be able to share these reviews with you. I’ve been making yogurt for as long as I can remember. My mother did it, my grandmother did it, and I watched both of them make their own yogurt throughout my childhood. It was always exciting to see them preparing yogurt, because I knew how delicious it was. The fresh, creamy taste, the perfect texture, it was always one of my favorite things to snack on. We had it with breakfast every morning and sometimes with lunch or even dinner too.

My mother used to sell her homemade yogurt at a local market from a booth. I used to help her, and we got to know her regulars pretty well. Sometimes we even traded jars of her homemade yogurt for fruits and vegetables. Although we stopped selling yogurt at the farmer’s market, my mother and I both still make it ourselves at home.

Technology has come a long way since my grandmother’s day. There are numerous products on the market today to choose from that make the whole process so much faster and more efficient. I’ve tried so many different kinds of yogurt makers that I decided to create this website to share my insight about these products with you. Everything I write here is completely unbiased and real. Take a look at my recommended products and choose a yogurt maker that really delivers for the money!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions