The Top 10 Best Yogurt Makers

Do you love yogurt? If so, think about making your own yogurt at home with one of these top 10 best yogurt makers for smooth, creamy yogurt each and every time.

Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream MakerCuisinart Pure Indulgence 2 Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker - frozen yogurt
- sorbet
- ice cream
single bowl2 quartsYes$70
Euro Cuisine YM80Euro Cuisine YM80- regular yogurt
- if you want to use this device for Greek yogurt you’ll have to purchase a strainer separately
multiple container model
7 jars of 6oz
42 ozNo$20
Euro Cuisine GY50Euro Cuisine GY50- Greek yogurt
- cheese yogurt
single bowl2 quartsNo$18
Cuisinart CYM-100Cuisinart CYM-100- regular yogurt
- not designed for Greek yogurt, though you can purchase additional accessories if you like
single bowl50 oz
(1.5 liters)
DashDash Greek Yogurt Maker- Greek yogurtsingle-bowl2 quartsYes$22
YogourmetYogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker - regular yogurt
- cheese yogurt
- Greek yogurt
single-bowl2 quarts No$57
Epica Homemade Organic “Set and Go”Epica Homemade Organic “Set and Go”- regular yogurt
- Greek yogurt
multiple container model
7 jars of 6oz
42 ozNo$21
DashDash Bulk Yogurt Maker- regular yogurt
- if you want to use this device for Greek yogurt you’ll have to purchase a strainer separately
single bowl1 quartNo$15
Euro Cuisine YM100Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker- regular yogurt
- if you want to use this device for Greek yogurt you’ll have to purchase a strainer separately
multiple container model
7 jars of 6oz
42 ozYes$39
VonshefVonshef Electric Yogurt Maker- regular yogurtmultiple container model
7 jars of 7oz
49 ozNo$27
Yogurt is widely regarded as one of the healthiest foods out there as it is full of protein as well as probiotics. It comes in an endless array of flavors and there are even different types of yogurt – Greek yogurt, whipped yogurt, organic yogurt, to name but a few. If you are a fan of this tasty treat, you may want to consider the option of making yogurt at home.

By making your own yogurt, you have complete control over the taste and texture, plus you can control the quality of the ingredients that go into it. If you want to try yogurt making for yourself, keep reading to learn more about what a yogurt maker is, what you should look for when buying one, and which models are the best options to consider.

What Exactly is a Yogurt Maker?

YogurtA yogurt maker is exactly what it sounds like – an appliance you can use to make your own yogurt at home. It is certainly possible to make yogurt without this kind of device, but these products take some of the guesswork out of the equation. All that you need to make yogurt is milk and about ½ cup of store-bought (or previously homemade) yogurt to start the culture. To make sure that your yogurt to be smooth and creamy, use whole milk or 2% milk – you can use skim milk for a lower calorie option but the texture might not be quite the same. As far as the yogurt you choose for your starter culture, it is best to use some plain, unflavored Greek yogurt or regular yogurt.

Basically what these makers do is keep the milk and the culture at the right temperature until the yogurt is finished. Fluctuations in temperature can affect the yogurt quality, so having a device that keeps the temperature completely stable will yield better results in the long run. Before using the maker you will have to warm the milk to the proper temperature indicated in the instructions that came with your product. There are some makers that will take care of this step for you, but many do not. This is an important feature to consider when shopping the best design, though it is not necessarily a must-have – just something that may be convenient for some people.

Once the milk reaches the proper temperature, you put it in the maker and turn it on. The machine will warm up to match the temperature of the milk then notify you when it is time to add the yogurt. Then, all you have to do is set the timer for the right time period (usually about 12 to 16 hours) and let the yogurt cook. Be sure to follow the instructions of your maker to ensure the proper cook time. Once the yogurt is done, you can sweeten or flavor it according to your preference. Plain homemade yogurt is fairly bitter, so you’ll probably want to add at least a little bit of sugar.

What Should You Look for in a Yogurt Maker?

YogurtAs you have already learned, it is entirely possible to make yogurt without a machine, but having an electronic maker will ensure more consistent results. But what kind of maker should you get? There are many different models out there, so you should take the time to learn about the various functions a maker can serve before you buy. The main things you need to think about are electric versus nonelectric, size and capacity, single bowl versus multiple containers, and any extra features the device might have to offer.

If you want to streamline the yogurt-making process as much as possible and cut down on your work time, an electric design is definitely the way to go. This type of device allows you to add all of your ingredients then simply press a button to start the timer – when the timer goes off, your yogurt will be ready! An important benefit that you shouldn’t overlook about this type of maker is that they turn off automatically when the timer goes off – this protects you against overcooking the yogurt accidentally just in case you should forget about it. For those of you who worried about using too much electricity, you can choose a non-electric version which consists of a pot placed inside a hot water bath to keep warm.

Another important factor to consider is the size of the maker. If you are only making yogurt for yourself, a small device will do – for a large family, however, you may want to get a larger model. You also need to decide whether you want a maker with a single bowl or one with multiple smaller containers. When trying to make plain yogurt so that you can add at the time of consuming, a single bowl model will work well. Should you want to make several different flavors in one batch, the multiple container model is better.

The Top 10 Best Yogurt Makers

When shopping for the perfect maker there is a wide variety of things to think about, including price. The range of these devices vary greatly in price depending on size, quality, and type so think carefully about what you want in a maker before you start to stop. If you need some help getting started in your search for the perfect maker, consider one of the top 10 best makers reviewed below:

Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker, $70

Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream MakerNothing is more refreshing than a bowl of homemade frozen yogurt and this great product from Cuisinart brings this dream to reality! With a 2-quart capacity, this device allows you to make a delicious batch of frozen yogurt, sorbet, or ice cream in just 25 minutes. This model features a heavy-duty motor as well as an easy-lock lid to seal in the freshness of your ingredients – it also comes with a handy ingredient spout and nonslip rubber feet. This unit costs just $70 but it will provide you with gourmet frozen treats all year round.

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker, $20

Euro Cuisine YM80If you are looking for a maker that will allow you to culture multiple flavors at the same time, look no further than this superb maker from Euro Cuisine. This device features seven 6-ounce glass containers so you can make a variety of flavors all within just 6 to 10 hours. The glass jars are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and they are entirely BPA-free and come with a 3-year warranty. The maker itself has a timer on the side that tells you when the device is on and when your yogurt has finished cooking. As an added bonus, this unit is affordably priced at just $20.

Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker, $18

Euro Cuisine GY50The process for making Greek yogurt is a little different than for standard yogurt so, if you desire to make this kind of yogurt, you should consider this Euro Cuisine GY50. This device allows you to make up to 2 quarts of yogurt in just one batch and it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. The components are BPA-free and safe for storage so you can take your time enjoying your homemade yogurt. This yogurt maker even comes with a recipe book and you get all of this for under $20. What more could you ask for?

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker, $85

Cuisinart CYM-100For those of you looking for a maker that does it all, look no further than this Cuisinart CYM-100. This design offers easy push-button operation with a digital time display and stainless steel styling. It features a 50-ounce yogurt container with a built-in cooling system that automatically cools your yogurt to the perfect temperature after cooking. Plus, the timer is adjustable depending on which of the included recipes you choose to follow. With all of these useful features, you should be prepared to spend a little bit more for this device, about $80.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker, $22

Dash Greek YogurtMake delicious homemade yogurt in no time at all with this Dash Greek Maker. This great maker turns your choice of milk into delicious, creamy yogurt with the push of a button. It features a 2-quart capacity with BPA-free components that are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. This device includes an LCD display with a custom timer as well as hidden cord storage for your convenience. It also comes with a Greek yogurt strainer for smooth, creamy yogurt every time. Best of all, this maker is priced under $25.

Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker, $57

Yogourmet ElectricThis great maker is simple by design but it does everything you need it to do. With a seal-tight lid on the inner container, your yogurt will stay fresh for as long as possible and it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. This unit is designed to maintain the ideal temperature for perfect yogurt each and every time, plus it comes with an instruction kit and a thermometer. You will also be glad to know that this product only costs about $50.

Epica Homemade Organic “Set and Go” Electric Yogurt Maker, $21

Epica Homemade Organic “Set and Go”If you have never made yogurt before, or if you are looking for a device that makes it as quick and easy as possible, the Epica Homemade Organic “Set and Go” Electric Maker is just what you’ve been looking for. This device features seven 6-ounce glass jars and the device is guaranteed to maintain the optimal cooking temperature for both safety and delicious flavor. You can use all kinds of milks with this device and it has a 6 to 12 hour time that you can set and forget about – the device turns off automatically after cooking.

Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker, $15

DashDoes your family go through yogurt very quickly? If so, you may want to look into this Dash Bulk Maker. This device features a 1-quart capacity and it has a simple, compact design so you can leave it on your counter and keep a fresh batch of yogurt cooking all the time! This unit is easy to use and backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty – plus, it costs less than $20!

Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker, $39

Euro Cuisine YM100For a great maker that yields fresh, delicious yogurt every time, consider this Euro Cuisine Automatic design. This automatic maker features seven 6-ounce glass jars so you can make multiple flavors all in one batch – it also has an electric timer with automatic shutoff to avoid overcooking your yogurt. This device comes with a 3-year warranty and it costs just $40.

Vonshef Electric Yogurt Maker, $27

VonshefAnyone thinking about trying your hand at homemade yogurt, this great product from Vonshef Electric makes it as easy as can be. This design offers a generous 49-ounce capacity with seven 7-ounce glass jars – this means that you can make multiple flavors in one batch! This device features a stainless steel housing for modern style and it only consumes 15w of energy so it is good for the environment as well. Priced under $30, you will be hard pressed to find a better maker that offers this type of quality and these helpful features.

These are just a few of the many makers available but they are also some of the best. As you now know, makers come in a wide variety of different forms so think carefully about which features are the most important to you before you start to shop. If you need help getting started, any of the top 10 makers reviewed above would be a good option.